Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Autumn 1991

Sweden: Christians Protest Against Registered Partnerships

by Lars Torstensson

The Social Democratic government has disappointed lesbians and gays in Sweden by refusing to propose a law of registered partnership similar to that in Denmark until after the elections in September. Most probably, there is a majority in parliament in favour of the law, but the situation may change after the elections.

According to opinion polls, the Conservative parties will win, and the Christian Democratic Party will enter parliament for the first time. As might be expected, the Christian Democrats are against any registered partnership legislation. A Baptist congregation has already organised a campaign against it and a “Say no!” petition signed by 6,000 people, mainly free church members, has been sent to the government.

While awaiting legal partnership, the Swedish lesbian and gay organisation RFSL has produced a ‘union ceremony’ for same-sex couples. This is completely non-religious and has been modelled on the one devised by GALHA.

During the Swedish gay liberation week, which takes place in September, gay Christians traditionally deliver a sermon. This year, however, there have also been anti-religious activities during the week. A demonstration was arranged against the Christian Democratic Party, and a film called Stop the Church was shown. It features Act-Up militants who fight religious fundamentalists.

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