Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Spring 1993

Norway: Partnership Law Success

Despite the opposition Christian People’s Party’s hostility towards the lesbian and gay Partnership Bill in Norway, it got through both houses of parliament in April, albeit by a small majority, and will shortly become law. It will give lesbians and gays much the same rights as heterosexuals with regard to taxation, inheritance, etc., but, as in Denmark where such a law was introduced four years ago, it will exclude adoption and church weddings.

When first mooted, the Norwegian humanist organisation, Human-Etisk Forbund, gave its full backing to the bill. Kari Vigeland, Secretary-General of the 45,000-strong HEF, said: “It is of vital importance to gays and lesbians that they can live together openly and in commitment to each other. This legislation is in accordance with the humanist programme in Norway, as well as internationally. Humanism aims to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

A similar law is likely to be proposed in Sweden in spite of the declared opposition of the new Archbishop of the Swedish Lutheran Church, Gunnar Weman.

The likelihood of such legislation being introduced in the UK in the foreseeable future is, however, very remote, though it is something which GALHA and other organisations like Stonewall are campaigning for. Lesbian and gay couples here will have to content themselves with a non-legally-binding ceremony, such as the affirmation provided by GALHA.

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