Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Autumn 1996 Issue

News and Views Commercialism and consumerismThe Pink Paper and the Pride Festival.
MP supports GALHA – Tony Banks joins GALHA’s panel of vice-presidents.
Complaints about AIDS ‘cure’ upheld – the Advertising Standards Authority criticises a religious leaflet.
Home Office document "fundamentally flawed"GALHA responds to Sentencing and Supervision of Sex Offenders.
Ulster Humanists back gays – in their new Humanist Handbook.
Gay Humanist on government commission – Kees Waaldijk is appointed to the Dutch commission examining same-sex marriage.
‘Gay cure’ ministry seeks counsellors – the True Freedom Trust is recruiting.
World Watch – news from United States, Iceland, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, and Italy.
Features Sanderson Versus WhitehouseTerry Sanderson describes the experience of finding himself pitted against Mary Whitehouse in a radio debate about a gay kiss on television.
Speaking up for Humanism and Gay RightsDerek Lennard profiles GALHA’s new vice-president, Tony Banks MP.
Affirming Love and CommitmentDenis Cobell has officiated in London and the Home Counties at many of the Pink Triangle Trust’s Humanist affirmation ceremonies for lesbian and gay couples. Here he gives his views on the ceremony in general and his experience of some, including an exceptionally moving one conducted for two gay men last summer in Sussex.
The Gay GeneTerry Sanderson interviews American scientist Chandler Burr, the latest gay gene genie, whose controversial book A Separate Creation was published recently.
AIDS, Animal Rights and Bad SciencePeter Tatchell argues that HIV research based on animal experimentation is scientifically flawed.
Gore Vidal Signs UpAllen Windsor reveals the cunning ruse by which he persuaded Gore Vidal to accept nomination as a Laureate of the International Academy of Humanism.
CD Jonathan Sanders reviews Hyperion’s recent edition of Reynaldo Hahn’s songs.
Books Leni Miller reviews Nothing But the Girl: the Blatant Lesbian Image, edited by Susie Bright and Jill Posener.
Jim Herrick reviews Homosexuality: A History, by Colin Spencer.
Jonathan Sanders reviews The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian and Gay Film and Video, edited by Jenni Olson.
Postbag Humanist support for lesbian and gay rights; and a new Atheist Thought website.
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