Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Summer 1997 Issue

News and Views Pride commercialised – the growing commercialism of London’s annual Summer Pride event.
Scouts’ Dishonour – discrimination against the non-religious in the Scouting movement.
Soho Erotica – new London cafe and retail unit opened by GALHA member.
Seaside Weekend – plans for GALHA’s 1997 weekend event in Bournemouth.
Readership ExpansionFree Inquiry helps promote G&LH in the United States.
Sporting Humanist – Tony Banks MP is appointed Minister of Sport in the new British Government.
Homophobe pops his Clogs – death of John Junor.
World Watch – news from Sweden, Cyprus, Ireland, Poland, Tasmania, and Romania.
Web Watch Brett Humphreys looks at British secularism on the Web.
Features Oh who is that young sinner?A.E.Housman’s poem dedicated to Oscar Wilde.
Will Labour Deliver?Terry Sanderson assesses the outlook for gay law reform in the UK following the election of a Labour Government in May.
Goodbye to Gay?Peter Tatchell argues that overcoming homophobia will result in more people having gay sex but fewer people claiming gay identity.
Letter from America Allen Windsor reports from New York.
CD Daniel O’Hara reviews Songs of Roger Quilter (1877-1953), performed by John Mark Ainsley (tenor) and Malcolm Martineau (piano).
Video Leni Miller reviews Meeting Magdalene, written and directed by Marilyn Freeman.
Diesel Balaam reviews Sebastian, directed by Svend Wam, and Super 8½, written and directed by Bruce LaBruce.
Books George Broadhead reviews Who’s a Pretty Boy Then? 150 years of gay life in still pictures, by James Gardiner.
Ted McFadyen reviews It’s Not Unusual, by Alkarim Jivani.
Terry Sanderson reviews Anti-Gay, edited by Mark Simpson.
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