Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Spring 1998 Issue

News and Views Humphrys backs Humanists – radio and television presenter John Humphrys reveals his empathy with the Humanist outlook.
Atkins’ conversion – A Sun article by the anti-gay writer Anne Atkins is ruled to have failed to distinguish between comment, conjecture and fact.
Humanism – Barbara Smoker’s introductory booklet is to be reissued.
Welsh weekend – plans for GALHA’s 1998 weekend gathering in Wales.
Humanist lunch co-sponsored by GALHA to be held in June.
Churches demand exemption from Human Rights BillGALHA issues a condemnation.
Hollow cant posing as contritionGALHA rejects Evangelical Alliance “apology” for past homophobia.
World Watch – news from the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, Italy, and the Caribbean.
Web Watch Brett Humphreys looks at the sites of the Asociación Triángulo Rosa, the Rainbow Icon Archive and the viciously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church.
Features Hate Comes to ProvincetownJohn Lauritsen reports on the Westboro Baptist Church’s visit to his home town as part of their ongoing anti-gay crusade.
The Netherlands’ Road to HumanismTony Akkermans describes the post-war enlightenment in his native country.
Sexuality in a Post-Homophobic EraPeter Tatchell offers further thoughts on the evolution of sexuality in a more enlightened culture.
Gossip from Across the PondWarren Allen Smith writes about gay atheist musicians Virgil Thomson, Lou Harrison and Ned Rorem.
Sir Michael Tippett (1905-1998) – A Man of Our TimeJim Herrick pays tribute to the great composer.
CD Terry Sanderson reviews Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 (Sony Essential Classics).
Video Diesel Balaam reviews A Toute Vitesse, directed by Gaël Morel.
Beth Cullen reviews The Watermelon Woman, directed by Cheryl Dunye.
Books Ted McFadyen reviews Speaking Out: Sex, Law, Politics and Society, by Antony Grey.
Derek Lennard reviews Breaking the Silence – Human Rights Violations Based on Sexual Orientation, published by Amnesty International UK.
Antony Grey reviews Sexuality, Morals and Justice: A Theory of Lesbian and Gay Rights and the Law, by Nicholas Bamforth.
Jim Herrick reviews Monument, an anthology of poems by Labi Siffre.
Postbag Responses to Diesel Balaam’s article in the previous issue.
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