Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Winter 1998-1999 Issue

News and Views Dissent suppressed – the outcome of the recent trial of Peter Tatchell.
Winter Solstice celebration.
Age-of-consent campaign.
Plans for GALHA’s twentieth anniversary celebrations.
Gay Humanist honouredAntony Grey receives the 1998 Pink Paper Lifetime Achievement Award.
Ceremony of Remembrance – attended by delegations from GALHA and the Pink Triangle Trust.
Gay press probed – a report on GALHA’s November 1998 meeting.
Helping older gays – the Polari Project.
Encouraging sermons – the continuing decline of religion.
World Watch – news from Malaysia, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Namibia, Israel, Germany, and India.
Obituary Obituary for Noel Lloyd, by George Broadhead.
Web Watch Brett Humphreys summarises some of the many features offered by The Secular Web.
Features Christianity and Gay Rights – An interview with Peter Tatchell by Roger Bolton, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme.
One in the Eye for the Witch DoctorsTerry Sanderson argues that “alternative medicine” and “complementary therapies” dupe the gullible.
Gossip from Across the PondWarren Allen Smith reflects on the affairs of Bill Clinton and others in public life, and reviews some recent New York theatrical successes.
CD Jim Herrick reviews two new opera CDs: Stewart Wallace’s Harvey Milk; and The Doctor of Myddfai by Peter Maxwell Davies.
Video Diesel Balaam reviews Parallel Sons and Captivated.
Books Stephen Moreton reviews The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a candle in the dark, by Carl Sagan.
Jim Herrick reviews Translations from the Human, poems by Ivor C. Treby.
Postbag A Buddhist responds to Brian Nicol’s article on Buddhism in the Summer 1998 issue of G&LH.
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