Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Summer 2002

The Sacrifice, by Gordon Linton

reviewed by Dean Braithwaite

Gordon Linton’s first novel follows young Greg Chaley growing up gay in an English country village. But dealing with his sexuality isn’t the only coming out he must endure. Greg has a special gift – a gift that he doesn’t want. But, completely powerless, he’s drawn by it into a sinister web of sex magic – with horrific consequences.

It’s clear from the beginning of this book that Greg survives his ordeals, for it is he who is looking back over the events that have brought him to the present. The question is: At what cost to him and those around him?

I found this a somewhat weird story. It’s a deceptively short piece: the book looks and feels big, but I found myself reading it at a pace. Throughout, I found little characterisation of the main protagonists and to start with I really disliked Greg himself. But, once I became drawn into the web, I couldn’t put the book down!

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