Cover of Gay and Lesbian Humanist Autumn 2002

Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Winter 2002-2003 Issue

News and Views Editorial.
Catholics in crisis.
Bogus “religious ethos” feared.
Celebs say no to Christian outing.
Church protest law an “affront to democracy”, says Tatchell.
You don’t believe it?
Tories fail to stop adoption bill.
Death of early gay campaigner.
Archbishop’s snub to gays.
New National Secular Society role for Terry.
No Santa, no God, Green tells GALHA lunch.
World Watch edited by George Broadhead – news from Canada, the European Union, France, Israel, Italy, Spain and the Vatican.
Obituary Obituary for Peter Danning by George Broadhead.
Web Watch The Emperor’s New FaithBrett Humphreys asks “When is a Christian not a Christian?”.
Features The Big Christian LieBrett Lock unpicks the arguments of Christian propagandists over adoption by lesbians and gay men.
Blood by January? – Is America’s proposed war with Iraq a case of 1939 revisited? Clark Flint draws the comparison.
It’s Time To Go. Andy Armitage examines the Archbishop of Westminster’s inadequacy in dealing with sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests in England and Wales.
VestigesCharlie Coventry argues that even atheists find it hard to shake off their conditioning when it comes to religion.
Unfinished BusinessAntony Grey, a seasoned campaigner for law reform, looks back over 40 years and concludes that there is still more to be done.
Gossip from Across the PondWarren Allen Smith profiles Harry Hay and needs your help.
Gossip Fag Break with Shirley Dent.
On the First Gay of Christmas – chitchat from Steven Dean.
Infidel – a new irreverent column with a sceptical eye.
Television Terry Sanderson reviews BBC2’s Horizon investigation into homeopathy.
Books Back catalogue: Andy Armitage reviews A Queer Reader, edited by Patrick Higgins.
Andy Armitage reviews Freethoughts, by Barbara Smoker.
“VS” reviews Unexpected Pleasures, by Tamsin Wilton.
Jim Herrick reviews A Cock-Eyed Comedy, by Juan Goytisolo.
Postbag Nirvana or Urania?
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