Cover of Gay and Lesbian Humanist Winter 2003-2004

Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Winter 2003-2004 Issue

News and Views Boswell critique now online.
Christians oppose job-protection move.
Turn straight, says barmy bishop.
Prelates froth as gay Gene dons his mitre.
Hysterical Vatican targets kids with latest evil.
GALHA’s weekend gathering.
Council’s gay-hate move.
Er, haven’t you forgotten something ... ?
Vatican lies about condoms.
Full agenda for humanist meetings.
Promotion for gay cop.
Maureen’s seventieth.
World Watch edited by George Broadhead – news from Belgium, Canada, Greece, India, the Netherlands, Russia, Scotland and the United States.
Web Watch Final Answer? – In his 28th and last Web Watch column Brett Humphreys looks at some final questions – and comes up with some possible answers.
Features East Ride, Raging Bullshit!Brett Lock investigates how the media conspire to ignore secular critiques of religion while providing a platform for religious bigots to denounce the world.
Straight and NarrowStephen Moreton reviews a recently-published study that purports to show that it is possible for some people to change their sexual orientation.
Why I am Not a HinduAroup Chatterjee, author of Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict, on when he saw the light.
AIDS: A Death Cult – In this month of World AIDS Day, John Lauritsen argues that we’ve been hoaxed and lied to.
A Pest to SocietyRex Batten continues his personal recollections of the experience of being “queer” in the harsh climate of England fifty years ago.
Gossip from Across the PondWarren Allen Smith looks at Taboo on Broadway – and lots more.
Gossip Infidel – a mildly irreverent look at what some people find sacred.
Books Dan O’Hara reviews Roger Quilter: His Life and Music, by Valerie Langfield.
Warren Allen Smith reviews Music’s Modern Muse: A Life of Winnaretta Singer, Princesse de Polignac, by Sylvia Kahan.
Jim Herrick reviews A First Spring in Sicily, by Salvatore Santagati.
Brett Lock reviews 10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Improve Their Lives, by Joe Kort.
Dan O’Hara reviews Science and Religion: Are They Compatible, edited by Paul Kurtz et al.
Postbag An open letter to the Home Secretary.
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