Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Spring 2004

Lovers’ Legends Unbound, by Andrew Calimach

reviewed by Andy Armitage

I reviewed this book in the Winter 2001 issue of G&LH. My enthusiasm has not diminished. This clothbound edition now boasts a CD as well. The book itself is profusely illustrated with colour pictures and has an elegant layout. On the CD, the readings are by Timothy Carter, and at the top of each printed story is a helpful legend directing you to the track and telling you its duration.

There is little point in repeating here my praise for this excellent little book, since you can turn it up in the appropriate issue or find it online.

Timothy Carter is a New York actor with several classical stage credits, and Steve Gorn, who provides the incidental music, is a performer of Indian classical music and new American music on the bansuri flute, saxophone and clarinet. He has performed in concerts throughout the world.

In Lovers’ Legends Unbound, we see the loves of gods and heroes alike, complete with a handy indexed glossary, illustration sources and other notes – so much crammed into a volume of under a hundred pages.

In addition to the usual ways of buying, you can get Lovers’ Legends Unbound through the website of the publisher, Haiduk Press of New Rochelle, New York; e-mail; or by ringing them in the USA on 800 247-6553. It is also available through Amazon (£11.90 in the UK).

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