Cover of Gay and Lesbian Humanist Autumn 2004

Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Autumn 2004 Issue

News and Views Hate stars get a rapping.
Religion must not dominate, says NSS.
Lesbians’ invisibility is magazine’s target.
Mayor slammed for cuddling up to hateful imam.
Surgeon who addressed Wolfenden dies.
Blunkett’s Law meets with more resistance.
Homophobe Muslim group’s rally moves out of town.
Munching with Michael.
Beyond Our KenBrett Lock wonders what the “gay-friendly” mayor of London is playing at.
Whose Side Are You On, Ken?Peter Tatchell comments on Ken Livingstone’s support for clerical misogyny masquerading as a right-to-choose campaign.
World Watch edited by George Broadhead – news from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United States and Zanzibar.
Features Islam’s Same-Sex LoveBarry Duke looks at another side of gay-hating Islam.
Award for Amnesty’s German LGBT GroupColin de la Motte-Sherman sends us this report on and translation of a speech in praise of Amnesty’s award-winning gay group in Germany.
Happy Birthday, GALHA! – As the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association celebrates its silver jubilee, George Broadhead looks back at the organisation’s beginnings and its history.
Reforming SpiritsAllan Horsfall, at the forefront of the beginnings of gay campaigning in Britain, writes of an important anniversary.
Martyrs to Gayness – Now that the initial Passion mania has had time to diminish, Matthew Thompson reflects in tranquillity on why sexual minorities suffer for others’ sins.
Stateside GossipWarren Allen Smith says Bon Soir to Marlon Brando.
1979 And All That – What we were doing, watching, singing and dancing to when GALHA was born as the Gay Humanist Group 25 years ago – plus messages from some of GALHA’s vice-presidents.
Theatre Edinburgh Fringe and Book FestivalsTony Challis brings us some of the fun and frolics from Edinburgh.
Gossip Steven Dean is coming ... In Yer Face.
Infidel – a mildly irreverent look at what some people find sacred.
Books Clark Flint reviews The Fundamentals of Extremism: The Christian Right in America, edited by Kimberley Blaker.
Postbag Denis Lemon; Coronation Street; the Peter Tatchell Human Rights Fund; and a pat from Northern Ireland.
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