Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Summer 2005

Gossip from Across the Pond, by Warren Allen Smith

reviewed by Andy Armitage

For about five years now I have edited the column now called “Stateside” – formerly “Gossip from Across the Pond” – for this magazine, and I have never been disappointed.

Warren Allen Smith
Warren Allen

Smith usually writes with a twinkle in his eye about the gossip surrounding celebrities “over there”. (We changed the title of the column to reflect the fact that, for many of our readers now, it’s not just a case of “across the Pond”, since we have – albeit a scattered bunch – readers in the States and elsewhere.)

Even the aficionados of celeb gossip have no doubt found surprises in this column over the years as personality after personality has been “outed” as not only queer but non-theist, too (ingredients that, when brought together, truly quality one as the spawn of the Devil).

This 156-page book contains columns from the Autumn 1996 issue (when he wrote under the pseudonym Allen Windsor) to Winter 2004, skipping some. Other articles by Smith are tacked on the end, including an obituary of Smith’s friend Paul Cadmus, the artist, who died in 1999.

It’s a lively and interesting potpourri – featuring an ad for GALHA at the back – and can be obtained via the website

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