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Introducing the Humanist Tradition

The Pink Triangle Trust has produced a series of leaflets Introducing the Humanist Tradition:

  1. Robert G. Ingersoll said ...
    Quotes from the great nineteenth century freethinker about our aims, ways of understanding our universe, love and death, and how we can be happy.
  2. The Garden of Epicurus
    Highlights the teachings of the philosophers in ‘The Garden’ school of Epicurus on the study of science, happiness, friendship, prudence, wealth, death, and foretelling the future.
  3. Why We All Celebrate At Christmas-Time
    Explains the origins, and some of the customs, of the Festive Season.
  4. The Adventures of Thomas Paine
    Outlines the life of a remarkable man of the late 18th century, who gave us perhaps the best ever short definition of Humanism.
  5. Do Your Stars Foretell?
    The basics of astrology and predicting the future.
  6. A Few Words
    A summary of the Humanist outlook.
  7. Make It Happy
    Some suggestions from the Humanist tradition on how we can build happy lives.
  8. Passover, Easter and Other Myths that Welcome Spring.
    Why the arrival of spring gives rise to myths.
  9. Education about Ethics – a Gap in the Curriculum.
    How the study of ethical issues and moral values is treated in our schools.

Paper copies of these leaflets are available in an attractive tri-fold format. You can help make the Humanist outlook and tradition more widely known by giving copies to your friends.

Small payments may be made using postage stamps or International Reply Coupons. To order leaflets, or for a list of other forthcoming leaflets in the series, write to:

The Pink Triangle Trust
34 Spring Lane
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