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News Release – 24 February 2008


KENILWORTH, 24 FEBRUARY 2008 — The committee of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) has refused to apologise for and correct the errors, distortions and inaccuracies concerning the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) in the Report of the GALHA Annual Conference contained in the Special Members’ Supplement issued with the Autumn 2007 Gay Humanist Quarterly. It claims that the report was an accurate account of the Annual General Meeting so no apology or corrections are needed.

The Pink Triangle Trust has responded as follows:

The Report may well be an accurate account of the AGM, but it is riddled with errors, inaccuracies and distortions which have been read by the entire GALHA membership thus maligning both the PTT as an organisation and some of its trustees.

The Report states:

  1. “The PTT had ... refused to provide a copy of the accounts for the AGM, something which had always happened before.”

    (The draft 2007 AGM minutes indicate that this was based on statements made at the meeting by GALHA treasurer Keith Angus.)

    It should first be pointed out that Roy Saich very reluctantly took on the task of PTT treasurer when Brett Humphreys resigned and no response was made to Roy’s appeal at the 2006 AGM, and to the wider membership, for someone to fill his place. Honorary treasurers, as everyone knows, are extremely hard to find.

    The 2006/2007 accounts were not ready in time to be made available at the 2007 GALHA AGM and it is quite wrong to claim that this had always happened before. It was first requested at the 2004 AGM in Hove that they be made available “for information” at future AGMs and (as the AGM minutes record) this was first done at the 2005 AGM in Chester and (in summary form) at the 2006 AGM in Canterbury.

  2. “The hope to buy audio-visual equipment ... was not supported by the PTT on the grounds that it should be paid from GALHA’s funds.”

    (The draft 2007 AGM minutes indicate that this was based on statements made by Keith Angus.)

    This is a distortion. The main reason for declining to fund this particular purchase was that the PTT had at the time a liquidity problem with insufficient in its current account after funding GHQ. Instead of having to use PTT assets, a majority of the trustees thought it reasonable on this occasion that GALHA should make the purchase costing £3,500 from its own funds which then amounted to £12,000.

  3. “New restrictions have been placed by the PTT on the funding for GHQ, such as GALHA paying postage.”

    (The draft 2007 AGM minutes indicate that this was based on statements made by Keith Angus.)

    It was agreed that postage for the mailing of the magazine to its members, president, vice-presidents and affiliated groups would be paid by GALHA ever since it was professionally printed many years ago. The PTT would pay subscribers’ postage. This is recorded in all past secretarial postage claims made to the treasurer. Since Brett Lock took over as editor and dispatcher of the magazine in 2005, his expense claims did not specify postage costs and the PTT inadvertently paid them.

    The cost of the magazine has increased substantially over the last few years with extra pages and colour, and the PTT’s income has decreased as a result of falling investment income and interest. It was finding it a struggle to fund the magazine and a majority of the trustees thought it prudent to suggest a limit to the number of pages at 34. This is hardly unreasonable since the number of pages has never exceeded 32 and the latest issue has only 28.

  4. “The PTT was reported to be considering making grants to other activities such as a gay theatrical group.”

    (The draft 2007 AGM minutes indicate that this was based on a statement made by Terry Sanderson.)

    First it must be made clear that since its founding as a registered charity in 1992 the PTT has consistently provided funding solely to GALHA, despite its Deed of Trust giving it a much wider scope. For twelve years it spent most of its income publishing Gay and Lesbian Humanist, the magazine issued free to GALHA members and since GALHA itself started publishing Gay Humanist Quarterly in the Winter of 2005/06 the PTT has funded it. The PTT has, therefore, spent many thousands of pounds on these publications, and the only other funding it has provided has been for the costumes at a GALHA event.

    Recently one or two other requests for funding have come via the PTT’s website, and these included one recently for a gay production at the very reputable Oval House Theatre – not, as erroneously claimed, “a gay theatrical group”. This was refused.

    In fact, the only funding request, other than from GALHA, which the PTT has agreed to accede to, if it proves to be needed, is for a Nigerian Humanist who has been a staunch supporter of LGBT rights. This has been agreed by all the trustees.

  5. “Four trustees of the PTT had sent a letter to the AGM ... It was noted that two of the trustees had not been consulted about the letter. (Other occasions when two trustees had not been consulted were referred to)”

    (The draft 2007 AGM minutes indicate that this was based on statements made by Keith Angus and Andrew Copson.)

    This is incorrect. Four GALHA members – George Broadhead, Dean Braithwaite, Stuart Draycott and Roy Saich – had sent a statement in their capacity as members who were unable to be present at the AGM. This was made clear in the text of the statement, which was concerned with GALHA acquiring charitable status. It was pointed out that “as long-standing members of GALHA, we value its independence and autonomy and feel very concerned that this change [to charitable status] may compromise these vital qualities.” Moreover, at the end of the statement the GALHA credentials of the signatories were given – Dean Braithwaite (former committee member), George Broadhead (founder member, former committee member and secretary) Stuart Draycott (former committee member and chairman) and Roy Saich (founder member, former committee member, former chairman and treasurer). As the statement was made by the four as GALHA members, not as PTT trustees, there was no reason for any consultation. The PTT chairman, Roy Saich, has always consulted all fellow trustees before decisions have been made.

It is a great pity that GALHA committee members – most of whom have been appointed comparatively recently – have sought to undermine the PTT in this way, thereby damaging the harmonious relationship which has existed between the two organisations for the best part of sixteen years.

The decision to issue this statement was approved by a majority of PTT trustees. Four of the trustees (Dean Braithwaite, George Broadhead, Stuart Draycott and Roy Saich) agreed to ask the GALHA committee to correct, and apologise for, the errors, distortions and inaccuracies in the GHQ Supplement, and two PTT trustees and GALHA committee members (Andrew Copson and Jim Herrick) disagreed.

Further information from George Broadhead on 01926 858450.
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