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News Release – 24 November 2010

Gay Humanists Welcome Queen’s Support for Unbelievers

Kenilworth, 24 November 2010 — The gay humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) has warmly welcomed the Queen’s recognition that people of no faith can lead moral lives and make an equally important contribution to society.

Addressing the Church of England General Synod, the Queen told members that believers and atheists were equally able to contribute to the prosperity and wellbeing of the country.

The Queen, who is supreme governor of the Church of England, said: “In our more diverse and secular society, the place of religion has come to be a matter of lively discussion. It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue and that the wellbeing and prosperity of the nation depend on the contribution of individuals and groups of all faiths and of none.”

PTT secretary George Broadhead commented: “This is a remarkable and very welcome recognition. Coming as it does from the head of state, it is also extremely important. For far too long religionists, even relatively moderate ones, have tried to claim that only they can lead moral lives and that religious faith of some sort is vital to society's wellbeing. The Queen’s words knock this on the head and should be a lesson to all those who denigrate unbelievers and – in the case of Islamists – threaten them with hellfire and death.

“We hope that the Queen’s words will be noted by those political parties who grant religionists completely unfair privileges, as well as the media which is often grossly prejudiced in their favour.”

Further information from George Broadhead on 01926 858450.
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