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Registered Charity No. 1015629

Why not become a supporter of the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT)?

Like many other charities we do not have members, so the trustees cannot be elected, but you can still become a supporter.

You can do so by making a one-off contribution to the charity. Simply make out your cheque or postal or money order to “The Pink Triangle Trust” and send it to our postal address.

By donating to the Pink Triangle Trust, payers of UK income tax allow the PTT to claim a refund from HM Revenue and Customs. It is necessary to complete a Gift Aid form. Print out our online Gift Aid form and enclose it with your donation. This will enable the PTT to receive a tax refund that will increase the value of your donation by 28%.

Or you can pay regularly by standing order. Print out our online Standing Order form and send the completed form (together with the Gift Aid form if you are a UK taxpayer) not directly to your bank or building society but to the Pink Triangle Trust at our postal address. We will forward the standing order form to your bank or building society.

You can also make a bequest in your will whereby in the UK your legacy would be totally free of liability to inheritance tax. If you have already made a will you can do so in a codicil by printing out and completing our online Bequest form. Please keep the original signed form carefully alongside your existing will and send us a copy for our records.

If you have difficulty printing any of the forms on one page, try reducing the text size or use your browser’s page setup options to reduce the margins. If you still have problems, contact us and we will send you the forms by post.

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