Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Summer 1995 Issue

News and Views CommentTerry Sanderson considers whether recent advances in the field of gay rights are more apparent than real.
Gay Man Gets Top Job – Robert Ashby is appointed Executive Director of the British Humanist Association.
LLGPI Update – the London Lesbian and Gay Policing Initiative holds a public meeting with speakers from the Rotterdam police.
Felipa de Souza Awards – the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission announces the winners of its 1995 awards.
World Watch – news from China, Czech Republic, Somali Republic, Sweden, United States, Puerto Rico, and France.
Obituary ObituaryGeorge Broadhead pays tribute to Corliss Lamont.
Features A Magic MomentAlvin Nacca-Rankin relates the experiences that he and his wife Joyce have had as active members of PFLAG, the US National Federation of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and the machinations of the religious fundamentalists who oppose it.
Lesbians and Gays in RussiaAl Vol, editor of two Moscow-based gay magazines, gives an account of the past and present situation.
Another Fine DressJonathan Sanders describes the background to his new book Another Fine Dress: Role-Play in the Films of Laurel and Hardy.
A Vicious CultGeorge Broadhead describes the activities of the Jesus Army.
Letter from AmericaSukie de la Croix on a new use for clingfilm.
CD Jonathan Sanders reviews Flapper CDs Bea Lillie and Masculine Women and Feminine Men.
Video George Broadhead reviews Via Appia.
Books Emmanuel Cooper reviews David Hockney, by Paul Melia and Ulrich Luckhardt.
Terry Sanderson reviews Humanist Anthology, edited by Margaret Knight, new edition revised by Jim Herrick.
Jim Herrick reviews Jugular Defences: An AIDS Anthology, edited by Peter Daniels and Steve Anthony, and Touching the Sun: Poems in Memory of Adam Johnson, edited by Leah Fritz.
Postbag Polly Toynbee’s support for gay rights disputed; and outing helps the cause of equality.
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