Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Winter 1995-1996 Issue

News and Views CommentGeorge Broadhead speculates on the likely attitude of the gospel Jesus to homosexuality.
BHA Document on Homosexuality – the British Humanist Association publishes Homosexuality: A Humanist View.
Homophobic Radio in Crisis – the evangelical Premier Radio announces cost-cutting measures.
Gay Historian Supports HumanistsDr David Starkey joins the Rationalist Press Association’s panel of Honorary Associates.
GALHA Member Lays Wreath – Sharley McLean at the Cenotaph.
Publicity for GALHA Ceremony – affirmation ceremonies on television, on radio and on tour.
World Watch – news from Romania, Zimbabwe, Poland, Spain, Norway and United States.
Features Policing Diversity: An Agenda for ChangeProf. Howard Hughes reports on the national conference Policing the Lesbian and Gay Community held in Manchester in November.
Pension DiscriminationKeith Porteous Wood highlights the significance of the widespread discrimination by pension schemes against lesbians and gay men.
Humanist HappeningsRobert Ashby discusses the prospects for consensus among Humanists.
Dying with DignityMeredith MacArdle puts the case for voluntary euthanasia.
Consent at 14?Peter Tatchell argues for setting the age of consent in the UK at 14 for everyone.
Letter from AmericaSukie de la Croix refutes a recent claim from members of the religious right that gay men were to blame for the Holocaust.
CD Jonathan Sanders reviews compilation CDs Out Classics and Margaret Price.
Video Leni Miller reviews Lesbian Leather and Lykra Shorts.
Books Antony Grey reviews Queer in America, by Michelango Signorile.
Leni Miller reviews Blossom at the Mention of Your Name, by Fiona Cooper.
Daniel O’Hara reviews Virtually Normal: an argument about homosexuality, by Andrew Sullivan.
Postbag The sad fate of Pallas Athene and Edwardian lavatories; Ludovic Kennedy still a Humanist; and an appeal for information from HIV-positive readers.
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