Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Spring 1996 Issue

News and Views CommentGeorge Broadhead on the decline of London’s Summer Pride event.
Bible-based Bigotry Resurfaces in Edinburgh.
GALHA Acts on Armed Forces Ban.
MP Speaks at GALHA Pride Meeting – Labour MP Tony Banks, a member of the Parliamentary Humanist Group, is to be the speaker at GALHA’s annual Lesbian and Gay Pride meeting in July.
Good without God – the centenary of the British Humanist Association.
War on Prejudice – the major aid agency War on Want has recognised the importance of lesbian and gay rights by launching a ‘War on Prejudice’ campaign.
World Watch – news from United States, Finland, Poland, Russia, Israel, and Lithuania.
Features Coming to the RescueTerry Sanderson explains why Humanism must oppose religion and superstition in the press.
Army of InjusticePeter Tatchell says the armed forces help sustain homophobia and injustice. Lesbians and gay men should refuse to serve in an oppressive straight institution that tramples on human rights.
Letter from AmericaLee Ann Morgan fears that sex may be losing its soul.
CD Jonathan Sanders reviews Ethyl Smyth: Impressions That Remain (Chagall Trio); and various composers: In Praise of Woman (Anthony Rolfe Johnson / Graham Johnson).
Video Terry Sanderson reviews The Art of Cruising Men.
Books Jonathan Sanders reviews James Whale: A Biography, by Mark Gatiss.
Leni Miller reviews Calendar Girl, by Stella Duffy.
Terry Sanderson reviews Black Confetti: New Fairy Tales for an Old Country, by Diesel Balaam and Sukie de la Croix.
Jim Herrick reviews Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir, by Paul Monette, and My Alexandria, by Mark Doty.
Daniel O’Hara reviews Essays on Sexuality and Ethics, by J. Martin Stafford.
Postbag Into the Light: a television programme on 20th-century lesbian and gay history; and information wanted from working class lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.
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