Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Summer 2000 Issue

News and Views GALHA slams Hague’s support for homophobic Christians.
Who’s Who in Hell – a new dictionary of freethought by Warren Allen Smith.
GALHA backs Sir Elton.
GALHA at Mardi Gras 2000.
GALHA submissions on sex education and religious discrimination.
World Watch – news from Egypt, Norway and the United States.
Web Watch The Ex-Gay Movement by Brett Humphreys.
Features Gay Liberation and Religious HomophobiaJohn Lauritsen outlines the origins of Judaeo-Christian homophobia and argues that revisionists like John Boswell got it wrong.
The Human Rights ActGordon Laverick assesses the impact of the UK Human Rights Act which comes into force in October 2000.
CD Jim Herrick reviews Billy Budd, by Benjamin Britten, with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Richard Hickox.
Books Ted McFadyen reviews Mainly About Lindsay Anderson – a Memoir, by Gavin Lambert.
Dan Bye reviews Humanism: Beliefs and Practices, by Jeaneane Fowler.
Postbag Anachronistic Bishops; Establishing Links; and New Labour Not Delivering.
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