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Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Contents of the Autumn 2000 Issue

News and Views Gay concessions on Euro job directive “make it worse”.
Distance yourself, GALHA tells Carey.
Stark truth – for those who can see it ...Lesbian and Gay Christians magazine takes Dr David Starkey to task.
Hypocrites! The big e-outing – for eight Tory MPs.
Section 28 back on the agenda?
Digital Diversity – the first anniversary of GALHA’s Online Bookstore and Electronic Mailing List.
Oh, Peter, you’re so predictable! – Peter Tatchell meets the mystics.
Bath time for GALHA members – a report on GALHA’s 17th annual weekend gathering.
Bowing out – by George – Andy Armitage succeeds George Broadhead as editor of Gay and Lesbian Humanist.
Don’t let them water down our rights, urge gay humanists.
World Watch edited by George Broadhead – news from Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Namibia, the Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.
Web Watch Turing Revisited – On the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Alan Turing’s classic paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Brett Humphreys revisits the Alan Turing Website and looks at a number of other recent Web developments related to Turing.
Features Gossip from Across the PondWarren Allen Smith returns from time out completing his monumental book Who’s Who in Hell.
Apostles of Unreason Settle into their Third MillenniumPeter Tatchell reflects on two millennia of hatred and violence by the godly upon the queer.
Auntie asks the “Big Question” on South Asia and HomosexualityAndy Armitage takes a look at a recent debate on the BBC online “Talking Point”.
Airings Tinsel, Turing and TimeSteven Dean begins a new television and radio column.
CD Jim Herrick reviews Songs of Ned Rorem, sung by Susan Graham; and Edward II: a Ballet in 2 Acts, by John McCabe.
Books Derek Lennard reviews the new edition of Sixty-Five Interviews with Robert G. Ingersoll, published by American Atheist Press.
George Broadhead reviews Who’s Who in Hell, by Warren Allen Smith.
Postbag Before the beginning; and Acts and Measures.
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